Doors of Perception: An Exploration of the American Dream 6/13

Doors Of Perception Flyer

Friday, June 13th 8p

~ 8:11 Opening Ceremony ~ 8:33 Dinner ~ 1:11 Close

Join us for this Sacred Gathering & Share in a Delicious Organic Meal by Divine Nourishment, Drinks, Discourse & Divinity

There is limited space for this private gathering in the City of Angels. This will be an intimate gathering of friends and friends to be as we explore our American way of life, what's possible and what we desire to create, as well as share in Ceremony & celebrate our Divinity. With regards to the Ceremony, if you can assist with body/face painting, please contact Lady Rain (email below).

Sliding scale donations on the doubles are requested... we're fond of these numbers:

~ 22, 33, 55, 99

Donations may only be received through credit card or PayPal. This will serve as your RSVP. Once completed, we'll send you location details.

To donate, click on the button below. Donate in one of the amounts listed above. If you would like to donate more, please donate twice: once at the amount on the doubles, and a second time with the remainder you'd like to offer. Thank you! We appreciate your contribution to creating Sacred Space in our beloved world!!


Contact Ms. Lady Rain for more information...

You are welcome to spread the word to your friends and loved ones, while we ask that there be no public advertising for our gathering.

As we can only accommodate 30 people, if you'd like to share in this special experience we are creating, sign-up soon.

Sparkling Butterfly Kisses of Light!

~ The Pantheogenesis Temple... a part of Entheon Village 2008 ~

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