Crystal Grid


We will be building several interlocking crystal grids, each ranging in size from 5 to 500 crystals, as part of the energetic structure underlying our transformative work for individual and global healing. For details of the grids we are building and how they fit into the rest of the template please see "Underlying Magical Framework" below.

To do this, we will need YOUR help, if you have any crystals in your care that might wish to participate, or know anyone that does.

a 3-leveled 3d grid of 29 crystals from 2006

Ideally, you would be able to bring your crystals to the playa and then collect them on Sunday or Monday after the Burn. We also have limited ability to transport crystals from Chicago, Reno or San Francisco, but would rather not be responsible for safe packing.

Warning - coming into contact with our grids in this way may result in positive feelings, good karma, and an acceleration of your own personal evolution.

We need at a minimum:

  • 1 large quartz point/mass
  • 8 medium or large quartz points
  • 208 small quartz points (70 committed, AGB)
  • 1 Citrine Cathedral (1 committed, AGB)
  • 8 large colored Sephirot crystals
  • 7 colored God crystals
  • 7 colored Goddess crystals
  • 1 6-inch paired geode
  • 24 3-inch paired geodes
  • 500 1-inch paired geodes

If you feel you may be able to help, please email Alex at

(now THAT's a large quartz point)

Underlying Magical Framework

Our Intention

To weave together the forces of Creation, in particular the energies and forces of the 2008 Burning Man Festival into a crucible for healing and transformation of the individuals, and a creative matrix of high potency for global healing.


The Temple is divided into separate domes. Each dome will have its own micro-structure of magical/spiritual relationships, and be a differently flavored macrocosm of the whole. There will then be an overarching relationship, or macro-structure, which enfolds all of the individual spaces, which will form both the structure of a participant’s healing journey and the structure of the overall creative matrix. The micro- and macro-structures, and many other layers in the overall pattern, will be held in place by an interlocking set of crystal grids.


Crystals are macro-scale quantum structures embodying extensive lattices of exact geometric precision in which high energy positively charged ions vibrate in place while a sea of electrons moves freely around them. The crystals we will be using will mostly be based on silicon (e.g. quartz) which is the substance used to build the information pathways in all computers. Similarly, the relationships of geometry, energy and information in these crystals makes them ideal anchoring points for archetypal thought-forms and relationships.

DaEl Walker, Cherokee elder and Director of the Crystal Awareness Institute in CA, was responsible for setting the crystal grids in the Axial Temple in 2006. According to DaEl:

“Geometry is a visual affirmation of mathematical relationships, the graphics of mathematics. It shows the way energy looks when it takes form. Look at it this way. Physics is the science of energy. Mathematics is the language of energy, and geometry is the graphics. Physics uses mathematics and geometry to describe the action of energy as it moves through our three dimensional universe. What, then is energy which moves beyond into four dimensions? If we move out of the universe of form, governed by three dimensions and controlled by space and time, we move out of body into mind. The fourth dimension is the dimension of pure thought.

The energy of pure thought is magnetic in nature, when it moves through three dimensions. Not iron magnetic, another type of magnetic energy, extremely high frequency, which can be retained by crystals, similar to magnetic storage for computers. All form exists in four dimensions as thoughts, pictures of geometric designs. If we desire to bring energy from the fourth down to the third dimension, we must create geometrical thought forms, activate them with our minds and anchor them with crystals. In this manner we can create gates through which energy flows. That energy is the force which is life for all biological forms.”

Using these principles of opening manifestation pathways by anchoring thought forms in the physical realm, we use crystal grids of varying size, shape, and style to provide the glue that holds our structures together, and allows energy to flow between them.

The simple act of drawing a line in space between two crystals, using an activating crystal and ones intention, is sufficient to make a connection if done with a clear heart and mind. The grids we will build will contain thousands of such lines, interlocking in many geometries, but the principle is simple.

Note: the metaphysics on which the Temple is based are not those expressed in DaEl’s quote; and energy flow is a byproduct not a goal of our work; however the principles of anchoring apply equally.


The macro-structure of relationships between the different spaces or power centers in the Temple is guided by Kabbalistic metaphysics, which provides an extremely detailed and practical map for working with the “realms” that precede time, space and energy. These are not realms as we would normally understand, but more qualities of creation as it cascades down from first cause into physical matter. These qualities are known as sephirot (single: sephira), and are commonly drawn on a schema called the Tree of Life. They are archetypal qualities such as Boundary, Expansion and Relationship, which follow a very logical progression from the first spark of possibility to the final sephira, Kingdom, which represents the universe of time and space. These sephirot represent the abstract or impersonal aspects of Reality in relationship with each other, what one might think of as the Laws of Creation.

Each of the sephirot will be anchored in our Temple complex by a small crystal mini-grid. The central crystals in each sephirotic mini-grid will be set into a larger grid in relationship with the other mini-grids, according to the map of the Tree of Life. The anchoring process will involve both alchemical practices from Alex’s lineage and angelic invocations from Veleda’s.

In addition to these impersonal aspects of reality, Kabbalah deals with personal aspects. (When a Christian looks at the Ultimate she sees a personal God with a divine hand. When a Buddhist looks in the same place, what she sees is impersonal. There is truth in both, and both are enfolded in our work.) The personal aspects are called partzufim, or countenances, and are overlaid on the map of the sephirot. They provide the template for Subjective reality, as the sephirot provide the template for Objective reality.

The partzufim can be very roughly understood through familial ‘nicknames’ such as Divine Father, Divine Mother, Son and Daughter. [Please don’t get caught up in gender here, its all symbolic]. These are representational words that anchor these aspects of reality into the known space of family relationships, touching us in a way that abstract concepts like Boundary and Wisdom cannot. From this personal perspective, the spiritual path – and evolving story of creation – leads to the marriage of Son and Daughter, the searching spark of Consciousness and the ever-peaceful now of Presence.

There are also additional Partzufim that precede Divine Father and Mother, and represent aspects of the Absolute Undivided pre-Creation, and the Creative Spark.

Each of the partzufim will be anchored in one of the domes. This anchoring will begine with the physical location of the mini-grids, and will also include specific partzufic gridding, further ritual and invocation, and binding in of the specific Gods and Goddesses, as described under each individual dome.

  • The Unity dome will anchor Adam Kadmon, Atik Yomin and Arich Anpin. These are aspects of reality prior to the creation of language and the generation of Divine Masculine and Feminine
  • The God and Goddess domes anchor the partzufim of Abba and Imma, Divine Father and Mother. Their relationship – their eternal lovemaking – births Son and Daughter
  • The Heart Dome will anchor the partzuf of Zeir Anpin, the Son, representing Consciousness.
  • The partzuf of Nukvah, described above as The Daughter, represents Presence. This will be anchored in the entry dome, but will be held by the entire created Universe outside the Temple.

The end result of building these anchors into both the personal and impersonal faces of the Divine Creative Process is to locate the Temple, metaphorically speaking, very deeply in the factory of Creation itself.

This means that our rituals and prayers, our art, our healing, our workshops, will affect the overall structure of Reality in a massively more profound way than would otherwise be the case. It also means that we and any who enter will be affected by this work in a massively more profound way than would otherwise be the case. This is cause for great potential, and more than a little caution.


As stated above, each of the domes will have its own inner structure of narrative, magic, healing and relationship, as well as play its part in the grander scheme.

This structure will be manifested through art, through mini-grids of crystals within each dome, through intention and ritual, and through the power of each dome’s role within the macro-structure naturally influencing local reality.

Unity Dome

The Unity dome will contain only pure quartz crystal, as large a mass as we can find. The primary visual elements in this space will be mirrors, quartz, and white, with strands of gold and silver connecting in from the God and Goddess domes respectively.

From a Sephirotic perspective, this dome houses Kether, the Crown, which is the Absolute nature of G-d. Note that I will use the term God as a gendered archetypical divinity that can be plural and is paired by Goddess; when I use the term G-d it is to denote the absolute godhead beyond all distinction.

Kether will be anchored in the largest quartz mass we have. The different partzufic aspects within Kether will be anchored by ritual but not physically differentiated in space. This quartz mass will be set into a grid of eight smaller but still substantial quartz points.

Goddess/God Domes

The God dome, whose primary color is Gold, will have masculine representations of Divinity – Gods – spaced along the outer walls of the dome, each with its own altar.

Every one of these altars will contain a crystal which is the anchor for the thought-form of that particular God, surrounded by a micro-grid (four quartz points in square formation linked to the central crystal),

In the center of the dome will be a central altar, which will be carved out of wood in the shape of a throne in a Lingam. On this altar will be a crystal representing the sephirot Chokmah, Wisdom. This crystal will have its own local micro-grid, as well as being gridded into each of the crystals anchoring the Gods. On the throne will sit one of our Temple Guardians, who will be holding space and channeling the overall God-energy, as well as acting as Abba, Divine Father in the partzufic structure.

The Goddess dome is designed on exactly the same principle as the God dome, except that the primary color is Silver, the central altar is a Yoni throne, the central crystal anchors Binah, Intelligence, and the Temple Guardian acts as Imma, Divine Mother

Between the God and Goddess domes. There is a place on that pathway which is the exact confluence of God and Goddess energy. This is not a very delineated place – not a separate dome – but it has an incredible important place in the overall structure… this is the place of Da’ath, Knowledge.

Da’ath is the Sephirot that isn’t a Sephirot – the reasons are complicated, but boil down to Knowledge, the child of Wisdom and Intelligence, being unable to bear itself in the absence of relationship, and thus shattering, causing a second creation that included the partzufim.

The 2006 Axial Temple contained a sephirotic structure, but did not have a partzufic structure, and was centered on a giant amethyst cathedral which anchored Da’ath. True to the blueprint of reality, this amethyst cathedral shattered into many pieces which are now spread over the world.

The 2008 Temple will complete the Creation process by inviting the holders of pieces of the Da’ath amethyst to bring them back and lay them in this pathway.

It will have no direct place in the overall structure, and will not be explicitly gridded into anything; however its implicit place is of enormous potency, as it represents the shattering inherent in any creation.

Da’ath is also known as the Abyss. This would be a great place for a Labyrinth.

Heart Dome

The Heart dome, home of ritual and workshops, and living heart of the Temple, will have the majority of the crystals housed in the Temple.

At the center of the Heart dome will be an altar on which will rest the Citrine cathedral which will be anchoring Tiferet, Beauty. Tiferet is the central Sephirot to which all the other Sephirot (except Kingdom) have a direct pathway. It is the center of the Tree of Life, and represents the perfect balance between Masculine and Feminine, and the perfect balance between Human and Divine. This is the abode of Enlightened Humanity. Surrounding the Citrine Cathedral will be a micro-grid.

Within the Heart dome will be also major crystals anchoring each of the other 5 sephirot in the partzuf of Zeir Anpin, the Son. These will be spaced according to their relative positions on the Tree of Life, and will be Mercy, Judgment, Victory, Splendor and Foundation. Personally, I have never found any of those names to be particularly helpful in understanding the individual sephirot, but they can each be easily explicated. Each of these will also have its own microgrid surrounding it.

All of these crystals will be gridded together around the central Citrine in Tiferet, and then bound into the larger Tree (the crystals in the God and Goddess thrones, and the quartz mass in the Unity Temple)

Finally, inside the Heart dome will be the largest of crystal installation within the Temple. This will be a map of Black Rock City perhaps 6 feet in diameter, with paired geodes embedded all over the map. Visitors will be invited to take one half of a geode away with them and place it in the real place in the city that corresponds to the map location – either to their own camp, or to give it to someone who lives in that place.

By the end of the week, we will have a perfect microcosm of the whole city in small geode-halves, gridded together, in the Heart dome, and bound to the central Citrine crystal, whose other halves remain connected (perhaps even quantum entangled) spread out in a matching fashion over the whole macrocosm.

This geode map will act as both the central collector of energy from the city into the creative structure of the Temple, and at the same time act as a distributor of healing energy to anywhere in Black Rock City that it is needed. It is a resonator that will bring the whole of Burning Man into the factory of Creation, but guided by the intention and structures of the Temple.

This geode map will also act as an anchor for the American Dream theme. Much as the Man will be atop many flags that are all burned together, so we are being fully inclusive, representing everyone, whatever part of Black Rock City they inhabit, as a whole, including and benefiting from diversity

Material World (Entrance)

The entry dome’s prime purpose from the perspective of a visitor is to act as the threshold where shoes are removed, one is greeted, and the transition into the Temple begins.

However the Entry Dome has a much more significant function in the overall structure, as it is the representative of Malkuth, the Kingdom, the Outside World, Black Rock City, America, the Universe. Thus the entry dome has a single micro-grid, representing Malkuth, aligned with the rest of the Temple, preferably above the threshold of door, so it is both inside and outside.

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