Pantheogenesis is designed as Sacred Space to transform consciousness. It reminds us of Divine Immanence and Transcendence. It is a space for transformation, unity, Divine expression, and realizing our Manifest Divinity.

The plans evolved so far for Pantheogenesis provide a powerful framework for this process of transformation/remembrance. These plans can be understood to consist of the following levels:

  • Space
  • Transitions
  • Paths
  • Whole

On the level of Space, the Temple will consist of a number of different Spaces, each imbued with a particular archetypal quality, which will be reflected in:

  • 1) the aesthetic of the Space,
  • 2) the types of energy invoked in the Space, and
  • 3) the activities which will take place in the Space.

On the level of Transition, each movement from one Space to another will potentiate a significant shift in consciousness. We support and enhance this by making the Transitions a key part of the design. Each Transition encourages taking time, giving presence, and being mindful of the Transition.

On the level of Path, the Temple represents process. As you progress through the Temple you are on a path. At some points, there will be multiple elective Paths that one can take through the different spaces and transitions. Each of these Paths has its own quality, over and above the qualities of the individual experiences on the path.

Finally, on the level of Whole, the Temple as a Whole will have an effect which goes beyond the effect of the Path we take, or the Spaces we interact with. This reflects the fact that our inner Divinity feels the full web of relationships we are in, even if we only perceive a small part of the web with our outer eyes.

To reiterate, in our planning, we are building spaces, relationships between spaces, paths through spaces and relationships, and an overarching whole that is both generated by and generative of the other levels.

Physical Design

The project layout includes the following spaces/structures:

  • Crystal Grid
  • SoLA Light Project and Skin
  • Gateway
  • Material World
  • Healing Heart
  • Passageway
  • Sound Healing & Visionary Art Yurts
  • Goddess/God
  • Unity

Temple 3D Model

Pantheogenesis 3d Model

Temple 3D Model Flyover Animation

Temple Layout

Pantheogenesis Layout, May 13

Crystal Grid - This is the first aspect of the Temple participants will encounter, as it will be woven into the fabric of the city. A city grid to coordinate with Pantheogenesis will be built including crystals in major art projects, altars at each spoke of the city layout, and an altar at the Basura Segrada Temple. To find out more about the crystal grid overall, see the detailed description here.

Seed of Life Activation (SoLA) - This project, previously on the playa as playa art, will serves as an energetic skin for the Temple. The circular lights are embedded into the playa floor and react to people walking over them, creating lush patterns of lighting effects. The layout around the Temple will act as a series of skin layers to hold space around the complex. In addition, there may or may not also be a physical cloth skin around the Temple, closer in from the SoLA project.

Gateway - Members of Our Future Now out of Entheon Village will be creating an ornate gateway that will arch over participants as they enter the Sacred Space.

Material World - This entrance serves as a place for participants to shed their shoes and other belongings they don't need as well as energy that does not serve them in this space. The brief time spent in this space clears and prepares participants' energies as they begin their journey through the Temple.

Healing Heart - This large dome will serve as a primary gathering space for participants. It will include a crystal fountain, the primary crystal grid, a special day-long burning incense artwork, other artwork and lush furnishings, and all major events. Entheon will probably be holding their lecture series in this space and at other times, Pantheogenesis will have workshops, prayerformances, yoga, and Sacred celebrations.

Passageway - The circular passageway around the Healing Heart Dome serves as an alternative pathway through the Temple. The Passageway will be semi-circular in shape curving around both sides of the Healing Heart Dome with lush decoration and lighting as you move further and deeper along the Path.

Sound Healing & Visionary Art Yurts - Entheon Village will have two 40 ft yurts housing a variety of visionary art and sound healing floors. These yurts will be situated between the Heart Space and the Higher levels of the Temple.

Goddess/God - This space will be a 36 ft dome especially built for this purpose, decorated in lush artwork and fabrics, embodying both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in their Highest Divine expressions. The flooring will mimic the yin-yang symbol. Various expressions of each Divine gender will be present around the room. The center will hold a pair of thrones for Temple Guardians, and any who have found their own inner Unity, to hold Sacred Space and engage participants in their Divine Manifestation and Sacred healing processes.

Unity - The Unity space is the culmination of the Temple, the end of the Great Path. The Unity Space will be the Divine expression of all completeness, wholeness, and togetherness. It will be adorned in geometric artwork and fabrics, with a mirror lotus sculpture in the center. This sculpture will have a light/sound jewel in the center that will be controlled by any three participants in meditation within the three EEG portals off to the side. This interactive sculpture will realize the unity of inner peace expressed outwardly, unity of Self and Other.

Updated: May 13, 2008
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